Spring Show – Cancelled

SATURDAY 28th March 2020

Exhibitors’ setup: 8.30-10am. The Hall will be closed at 10.30 for judging.
Open to the public and plant sale 2-4.30, Award ceremony at 4pm, Exhibits removed 4.30-5pm

The sections and notes for exhibitors are given below. You can download a show entry form here. Entries are only accepted from residents of West Berkshire.


F1 NARCISSUS – one specimen bloom
F2NARCISSI – Cup, three blooms
F3NARCISSI – Trumpet, three blooms
F4NARCISSI – Double, three blooms
F5NARCISSI – Cluster, three blooms
F6NARCISSI – Miniature, three blooms
F7NARCISSI – mixed, nine blooms
F8TULIPS – three blooms
F9TULIPS – mixed, five blooms
F10HYACINTH – one specimen bloom, cut or growing in any container
F11POLYANTHUS – three stems
F12FLOWERING TREE or SHRUB – one spray, maximum height 80cm, including vase
F13FLOWERING SHRUBS – five stems, more than one species, maximum height 80cm, including vase
F14*SPRING FLOWERS – a bowl of mixed flowers excluding narcissi
F15*SPRING FLOWERS – any other flower, three or more stems, one cultivar
F16A FLOWERING POT PLANT – up to 20cm inside diameter at rim
F17BULBS & CORMS – growing in a container up to 20 cm diameter at rim

* F14 & F15 to be displayed without separate foliage


Judging will be based on creativity, originality and visual attractiveness and will not be governed by NAFAS rules

Exhibits must not exceed the sizes specified

A1‘WELCOME TO SPRING’ – a miniature arrangement, not to exceed 25cm in any direction. No embellishments.
A2‘AN ARRANGEMENT TO INCLUDE WOOD’ – flowers and / or foliage all round effect, not to exceed 50cm in any direction.
A3‘AN ARRANGEMENT IN FIVE GLASS JARS OR BOTTLES’– a forward facing display, height not to exceed 60cm, including bottles.


Handcraft need not be new but must not have been shown previously at Cold Ash. To help the judge, exhibitors must state – on a label attached to the exhibit – whether they have designed the item themselves or used a commercial pattern

HA1UNFRAMED SOFT CRAFT – embroidery, tapestry, patchwork, lace or other soft craft material, including paper
HA2HARD CRAFT – wood, ceramic, metal, beading, width not exceeding 60cm
HA4A FRAMED PICTURE – painted or drawn
HA5A FRAMED PICTURE – using embroidery, tapestry, lace or other mixed craft material


The age of the child will be taken into consideration when judging and must be stated on the entry form. There are no entry fees for classes in this section and a small prize will be offered to every competitor.

Each age group is competing for a cup. The entries are to be their own work.

Section 1 Age up to 7 years on day of show

J1A flower arrangement in a jar

Section 2 Age range 8 to 11 years on day of show

J2 A flower arrangement in a jar


  1. Flowers are usually shown in a vase, facing the front so that individual flowers are close together but not overlapping. RHS vases in several sizes are provided and preferred by the judges. Flowers in a bowl should be arranged so the exhibit looks similar from any direction. Bowls must be provided by the exhibitor.
  2. In all cases, specimens in an exhibit should be well matched for freshness, size, colour and, of course, should be unblemished and free of insects. Good foliage from the plant enhances the presentation of flowers.
  3. If your entry isn’t perfect, have a go anyway!  Even the more experienced members have the same problems and we are always happy to give advice.

Some useful definitions

Bloom: one open flower (e.g. tulip) or one flower head (e.g. dahlia).

Variety / Cultivar: Strictly speaking, a variety of a species occurs naturally in nature and has a Latin tag: e.g. Paeonia lutea var. ludlowii, whereas a cultivar (short for ‘cultivated variety’) is bred by man and usually has a non-Latin name tagged on: e.g. Pisum sativum ‘Onward’ . Cultivar is increasingly used for shows.

Herbaceous perennial: a perennial plant that does not form a persistent woody stem.

Shrub: a woody perennial smaller than a tree and having no distinct trunk.

Daffodil / Narcissus classification

Cup equal to or longer than the petals.

Large cup:
Cup less than petals but more than one-third petal length.

Small cup:
Cup equal to or less than one-third petal length.

Trophies, Donors and Present Holders

All Cups are Challenge Cups to be returned after one year
Only current members of the Society can win cups

Denis Hardwicke Cup for most points in the Daffodil Classes. Mrs M HardwickeMr F Davison
Hillman Cup for most points in the Flower Section. Mrs I and Mr W R Hillman Mr F Davison
Mann Cup for most points in the Floral Art Section. Mr J MannMrs J Geater
MacDonnell Cup for Best Handcraft Exhibit. Mrs A M MacDonnellMrs J Cox